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Advisor stresses on enhancing pleasant of college training

by Lisa A. Yeager

SRINAGAR, May 7: Advisor to the Governor, Khurshid Ahmed Ganai, held an interactive assembly with a group of College Principals of Kashmir Division, right here nowadays. Secretary Higher Education, Talat Parvez Rohella, and Director Colleges, Prof. Yasin Khan, had also been gifting at the event.

In his interplay, Ganai, who is also an Advisor in-fee Education Department, emphasized improving the first-rate coaching and learning effects to make the students nationally and internationally aggressive. He is additionally burdened with enhancing the high-quality of the teaching of Science and Mathematics. He directed that the Higher Education Department’s school development needs to normally focus on constructing capacities of the lecturers across all subjects, particularly Science and Maths.

Advisor stresses on enhancing pleasant of college training 2

He additionally emphasized enforcing punctuality both amongst college students and the personnel. He also laid strain on more-curricular sports in schools, guide of university magazines, and involvement of the alumni and the retired Faculty contributors in university sports together with visitor lectures.

Secretary Higher Education knowledgeable the Advisor that many programs linked to e-learning are inside the offing and that he’s in consultation with the University of Kashmir and the College Principals for starting up several steps within the direction of e-studying. He also knows that the department will soon begin a student exchange program to give appropriate publicity to the faculties at the national stage.

The Advisor inspired the Secretary of Higher Education to take important steps for starting the newly-sanctioned colleges and making DPRs create those colleges’ homes. The Principals confident the Advisor that they may paintings hard inside the hobby of the student community so that the scholars can compete at all ranges, both nationally and globally.

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