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Assam: e-studying lab inaugurated in Dibrugarh University

by Lisa A. Yeager

An e-gaining knowledge of the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning lab changed into inaugurated at Dibrugarh University in collaboration with Oil India‘s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on Monday. The e-getting to know Lab turned into inaugurated by way of vice-chancellor of DU, Prof Ranjit Tamuli in the presence of resident leader executive (RCE) of OIL, Pranjit Deka, registrar of DU,

Dr. Hari Chandra Mahanta, D K Bhuyan, preferred supervisor (Pubic Affairs), OIL, and the college’s teaching and students’ fraternity in eastern Assam’s Dibrugarh. The venture’s objective below OIL’s CSR is to broaden learners’ hobbies in the trendy academic era and equip them with the right abilities through online studying mode.

Assam: e-studying lab inaugurated in Dibrugarh University 2

Utilizing basic education and mastering talents, the youths can discover better jobs or begin their own small companies. In his inaugural speech, chief visitor Prof Ranjit Tamuli, vice-chancellor of Dibrugarh University burdened on the importance of e-Learning in the current time and preferred the commitment and contribution of Oil India Limited in promoting the Digital India Initiative. He also positioned the significance of traditional and traditional strategies of education in synergy with online schooling. Ranjit Deka, RCE, OIL, in his coping with expressed his long status imaginative and prescient for merchandising digital mastering. The concept for an e-Learning Lab from the Directorate of Open and Distance Learning, Dibrugarh University, become, without difficulty, widely widespread with equal enthusiasm in sanctioning the undertaking.

He favored the efforts of the Directorate in materializing the proposal in terms of infrastructure and excellent output. Two demo video lectures were released at the event to showcase the output of the e-Learning lab. The first demo video lecture becomes of Prof Nasim Wazid Ali, retired professor of DHSK College, Dibrugarh on Income Tax. The second demo lecture was of Dr. Rizwan Rehman, assistant professor at the Center for Computer Science and Applications, Dibrugarh University on Java Programming.

According to the United States Department of Education, 56 percent of 2-year and 4-year schools offered certificate programs or a college degree completely through distance learning. Clearly, distance learning has become a growing trend for a large number of students seeking higher education. The United States Distance Learning Association states that “Distance learning encompasses all technologies and supports the pursuit of lifelong learning for all.” No matter what phase of your life you are in, distance learning allows you to further your education. If you are still undecided about distance learning, consider the following 10 great reasons to study online:

  • Distance learning allows people to live anywhere while pursuing the education of their choice. Whether a person lives in the same city as the school or another country, people can attend the learning institution of their choice through distance education opportunities. If a person resides in another country, distance learning saves the trouble of applying for a student visa.
  • Distance learning saves time and money on transportation and room and board at a school. Distance learning opportunities allow people to work and live affordably at the location of their choice.
  • Distance learning offers students current course material. Online learning opportunities give students the chance to learn fresh, new material all the time.
  • Distance learning gives students the chance to study anywhere. Since most distance learning programs are offered online, students have the flexibility to learn wherever they can find an Internet connection, even if they are on vacation or staying with family.
  • Distance learning students can spend necessary time at work or home. If students have a full-time job or raising a family, it is easier to balance those responsibilities with higher education through distance learning programs.
  • Distance learning students have the opportunity for higher education when they are injured, elderly or handicapped. Distance learning programs give people with limited mobility the chance to further their education.
  • Distance learning students can learn at their own pace. Most distance learning programs are based on students working at their own pace and level of motivation, making them tailored to suit individual needs for maximum academic success.
  • Distance learning gives students a variety of choices. Students can choose from a variety of subjects and course offerings because they can virtually study almost anywhere.

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