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Do You Intend to Study Abroad While You Are in College?

by Lisa A. Yeager

Do you realize all people who have lived and studied overseas? Would you want to do that, and in that case, where would you like to move? Why? If you have spent any time outdoors in the location where you stay — now not always in a foreign country — do you feel you experienced that vicinity as a vacationer or nearby? Would you say you had any “authentic studies” there, or did you generally do “touristy” things? Why do you are saying that?

In “Was My Study Abroad Experience ‘Authentic’ Enough?” Claire Haug, a pupil at Smith College, writes about her semester studying in Amsterdam and the strain she felt to have some “proper Dutch revel in.” Her publish starts:

On any morning, I’m on my motorbike, zipping around tight corners and down cobblestone alleyways, dodging travelers while concurrently seeking to no longer fall into canals on my way to school in Amsterdam’s town middle. Like any excellent Amsterdammer, I’m a pro at swerving and dodging, racing a tram, and cursing out the pedicabs that absorb the whole bike lane. I like to suppose that I am in shape into the cityscape — that at a look, I ought to pass for a nearby, as opposed to a student studying abroad. I can ride with no palms despite everything.


For increasing numbers of American college students, studying overseas is a widespread part of the university experience. Whenever I open Instagram, I see snapshots of friends posing in front of famous landmarks with witty captions about how they’re not in Kansas anymore. But with it comes a positive set of baggage: the expectation that one’s time abroad must be “actual.”

This has come up repeatedly throughout the route of my semester right here. When friends, spouses, and children question how I’m doing, they regularly want to ask: Do I have actual Dutch experience? But honestly, I don’t realize what it is to experience a rustic or tradition authentically. At what factor do you prevent being a visitor and start experiencing matters authentically?

Students read the whole article, then inform us:

— Do you need to take a look at or work abroad at some unspecified time in the future? If sure, in which? And what type of experiences could you desire to have at the same time as dwelling abroad?

— How do you suspect reading overseas is probably extraordinary compared to visiting that area? Do you observe there may be similar pressure to live as the local community does while you are traveling to an area briefly?

— If you have already studied abroad, did you want to feel like you had virtually lived in that region rather than feeling like a visitor? Do you feel that you performed this?

— What would possibly represent a real experience for someone who had been to go to your fatherland? What would be the “touristy” activities? Are any of those studies nevertheless worthwhile?

— Why do you observe being a traveler often gets a terrible rap? And why is having a genuine revel in so valued?

— About studying abroad, the writer writes, “Some of my maximum bright reminiscences from a previous couple of months are ones in which I felt vaguely uncomfortable or out of location.” To what degree does this resonate with your experiences in strange places?

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