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Latest Vmware Interview Questions

by Lisa A. Yeager

Here, we have all sorts of questions and answers for professionals who want to prepare for the interview and clear it on the first take. You may also look for VMware questions and answers if this is your case. Ample candidates appeared for the interview on a single day, but only some were chosen. If you want to be among them, then never try to miss these questions and answers that we will share soon.

There are opportunities from many giant companies worldwide, and as per VMware’s Market Share, which is 13.94%, you should go for it. Thus, you can advance your career path through the VMware certificate guide.

Here, we offer VMware interview questions for 2017 that can help you crack the interview and obtain your dream career as a VMware developer. So, let’s have a look at these questions and answers below.


What do you mean by VMware, and what are its advantages?

In simple words, VMWare is a company that provides software and virtualization applications. The company has two levels of products, such as Server applications and desktop applications. It is helpful for the following:

  • It is good for running multiple OS and apps on one computer.
  • It consolidates hardware to acquire higher productivity from a few servers.
  • It saves fifty percent of the full cost of spending on Information Technology.
  • It makes it easier to manage IT and speeds new app deployment.

What various kinds of virtualization are available?

There are diverse virtualization types, including application, network, presentation, and storage.

Enlist various kinds of server software that VMWare proffers.

Three types of VMWare server software are provided: VMWare Server, VMWare ESX Server, and VMWareESXiServer.

What is a hypervisor?

Simply put, it is a program that allows more operating systems to share a single hardware host. Every OS has its processor, memory, and other resources. The hypervisor controls the resources and host processors, assigning what is needed for a single operating system and ensuring the guest OS cannot disrupt the same.

What is RDM?

It stands for Raw device mapping. It is a mapping file situated in a VMFS volume that works as a proxy for the physical device available for storage. It enables the virtual machine to write and read through the storage, and it comprises Metadata to handle and redirect the disk towards the physical device. With the help of RDM, we can utilize the Vmotion and file system and add raw LUNs to the virtual machine.

Explain VMWare DRS.

It is abbreviated as a Distributed Resource Scheduler and dynamically balances resources across different hosts under a cluster or pool of resources. It allows the user to figure out the rules and policies based on which virtual machines can be chosen to deploy resources, and the same should be prioritized to more than one virtual machine.

What is FT logging traffic?

In the VMKernelport setting, FT logging is an option that is similar to allowing the Vmotion option, which is available with VMKernelport.

What are the different elements used in VMWare’s infrastructure?

Here are some of the different components that are being used in VMWare infrastructure involves:

  • It comprises the lowest layer that works as a server cost of ESX.
  • It uses the central server of virtual, which keeps track of the VMWare attached pictures and handles it to the point.
  • VMWare infrastructure client allows the client to confabulate with the applications of the user running on VMWare.
  • Web-browser can be used in the accessibility of the virtual machine.
  • Database servers are allowed to do database maintenance.

These can be easily used under why VMwarensx interview questions.

1. Explain the vCloud Suite.

It combines with multiple VMWare components to provide a set of cloud infrastructure abilities in one package, including disaster recovery, virtualization, and application management.

2. What are the storage and availability in vCloud Suite?

The storage, as well as availability in Cloud Suite, involves the following:

  • Storage DRS: Place and load balance virtual machines that rely on storage capacity and I/O capacity.
  • Storage vMotion: Employs non-disruptive storage and proactive migration to decrease virtual machine storage and free up valuable storage capacity.
  • Application HA: It acquires the high availability that is restricted to a certain application.

These are included in the vCloud Computing Suite.

3. Explain various new features available in vSphere 5.

In the newest version of vSphere 5.5, it involves:

  • Virtual Machine Enhancement
  • vSphere Networking Enhancements
  • VMWare vCenter Server Enhancement
  • ESXi Hypervisor Enhancement

Some features that have been included in VMW are questions and answers.

4. What do you mean by VSS?

It stands for Virtual Standard and is accountable for confabulating VMs hosted on one physical host. Automatically, it detects a VW that needs to confabulate with other VMs on the same server virtually.

5. Explain some of the features of the VMWare tool.

Some of the features related to the VMWare tool are mentioned below.

  • The interface of the web browser
  • It proffers an easy and simple wizard for setting up the settings.
  • Easy Virtual machine maintenance

These need to be remembered under the latest VMware internship interview questions.

6. Define the term “VMKernel.”

In simple words, VMWare Kernel is a Kernel for VMWare. It requires an OS to boot and handle the kernel. A service console is being offered when they boot the VMWare Kernel.

7. What is the motive for using Virtual Machine Port Group?

The port group of the Virtual group assists in Virtual machine communication.

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