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Otley college sorry after exam subject matter now not taught to scholars

by Lisa A. Yeager

A faculty member apologized after college students took a GCSE examination without being taught one of the subjects on which they were tested. At Prince Henry’s Grammar School in Otley, West Yorkshire, Pupils realized the error even though they took the spiritual studies examination on Monday. The college stated it had applied to the exam board Edexcel for unique consideration of college students’ marks.

Despite speculation from dad and mom on a Facebook institution, the school showed pupils had been taught the right syllabus. Parent Gary McNeil said, “It’s a past notion that a primary mistake like this has taken place.” Mr. McNeil, whose son sat the exam, stated, “I recognize numerous college students; a number of them are perturbed; however, thankfully, my son is within reason resilient.


“I’m shocked there are no tests and balances in place to prevent this from happening.” In a letter despatched to Dad and Mom, head instructor Janet Sheriff said the faculty had all started an investigation into what had passed off and apologized for any distress caused.

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Ms. Sheriff said simplest; the examination board had the “electricity to decide if the special consideration is big enough to adjust the final grade of college students.”

She stated the outcome of the request would best be recognized by the school while the effects have been acquired in August. Ms. Sheriff said: “If your son/daughter’s RS result isn’t consistent with expectancies, and there’s a risk that this will affect their subsequent steps in studying or employment, we can provide a letter of help to explain the difficulty with the RS exam and how this will have affected their result.

“The investigation into the matter is ongoing, and the result could be used to minimize the danger of this case taking place once more.” According to the examination board’s website, “unique consideration” is a submit-examination adjustment that compensates applicants who were deprived at the examination time.

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