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A College Student Is No Longer Enrolled At School After A Video

by Lisa A. Yeager

Showing A Group Of White Students Using The N-Word Went ViralA College Student Is No Longer Enrolled At School After A Video Showing A Group Of White Students Using The N-Word Went Viral At least one Monmouth University student is now not enrolled after that he was diagnosed in a video with different, in most cases white college students the use of the n-phrase that then went viral across social media channels. After BuzzFeed News contacted the school, Morganne Dudzinski, a spokesperson for Monmouth, said the scholar has become “right now contacted” via an official and “is not enrolled at the college.” However, she couldn’t verify if the student became officially expelled, citing legal privacy guidelines about his pupil report.

The video suggests a group of college students going around and uttering the phrase “nigger” after guffawing approximately it. The college students are believed to attend numerous colleges in New Jersey, consisting of Monmouth, Rutgers University, and Rowan University.

A sophomore attending Monmouth named Sarina Bencosme, 18, instructed BuzzFeed News that she and several college students of color on campus got word of the video on social media in advance this week. She recognized one of the students because they were in identical elegance together. She then published the video on Twitter.

College Student

After the faculty became privy to the video and the name of the male pupil participating, Monmouth President Grey J. Dimenna sent a subsequent memo to all college students and faculty, mentioning that using “a racial slur” became “both disrespectful and deeply offensive.”
Dimenna then went on to say that Monmouth is “reviewing the matter underneath the Student Code of Conduct and could take appropriate action.”

Bencosme said that once she received the email this week, she and her buddies were struck and dismayed by one clause Dimenna used: “While this video lacks context … ”

“We’re disappointed our university hasn’t without a doubt addressed the problem — or we trust it wasn’t addressed well,” Bencosme stated. “The electronic mail that becomes sent out … [said] the video lacked context, that’s why we’re so upset. In what context would it not be OK or be excused, this racist conduct?”

She said as a person of color at a predominantly white college, she felt that she needed to take on the obligation of bringing attention to what she’s discovered to be “superficial, not-very-apparent racism on campus.”

Bencosme stated she had about 30 fans when she tweeted the video and did not assume it would go viral. “If nothing’s being finished on campus, at least people recognize we’re no longer tolerating [it] anymore,” she stated.

She acquired numerous DMs from different college students, pronouncing that they had never been amazed at the aid of the movements of some of the scholars in the video and that they resigned themselves to no longer seeing actionable effects from the faculty.

However, after BuzzFeed News contacted Monmouth on Thursday, the faculty shared that the only recognized scholar is no longer attending Monmouth. The School then shared the information with its college students.

In response to the scholars’ criticisms of the “context” language/clause that the college president used, Dudzinski stated that it’s “been misinterpreted.”

“This means in the back of it turned into that a loss of context doesn’t excuse, nor will it prevent the college from acting. The rest of that sentence makes it clear that at the same time as the college didn’t recognize the context, we no longer wait to act and have been reviewing the incident underneath the Student Code of Conduct,” she said.

Rutgers and Rowan’s universities additionally despatched memos this week.

Nancy Cantor, the chancellor of Rutgers, wrote that the School does “not tolerate hate speech or hateful conduct in any shape” and will seek advice from its rules to deal with “any violations” that are discovered.

The president of Rowan, Ali Houshmand, wrote to his college students and faculty that while he has now not yet been capable of verifying that one of the students in the video attends his college, “the use of such offensive language in any way is contemptible.”

“Whether or not Rowan students are involved, it’s miles imperative for the university to express unequivocally that this sort of language and disrespect haven’t any location among us and will now not be tolerated,” he said, earlier than directing college students to seek advice from the Division of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion for greater sources.

Rutgers University did not immediately return to a comment request from BuzzFeed News.

Jose Cardona, the vice president of university members of the family for Rowan University, advised BuzzFeed News that research into the incident remains pending. The faculty is looking to speak with its alleged student within the video.

“We are nevertheless seeking to confirm the call of the individual described as a Rowan pupil,” stated Cardona. “While the language used and college students’ moves are deeply offensive, free speech is a problem in this example. Like any university, Rowan has a scholarly code of behavior that speaks to on- and stale-campus behavior. Our investigation into the matter can be held once we have communicated with the individual.”

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