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Jindal Global Law School grad Shipra Dhankar tops Delhi Judicial Services Exam 2018 Shipra Dhankar

by Lisa A. Yeager

Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) alumnus has been crowned the Delhi Judicial Services (DJS) Exam 2018. The results of the exam were introduced the day before this. The DJ Exam is considered one of your most competitive judicial services assessments. S… Dhankar, a 2016 graduate of JGLS, has topped the 2018 version of the exams with an aggregate rating of 608 out of a possible one thousand marks.

Speaking to Bar & Bench, Dhankar stated she had always known she desired to pursue judicial services.

“I didn’t apply for a process elsewhere because I knew I desired to prepare for judicial offerings. I always had that clarity in my mind and needed to do that. Before she finally emerged as the top-ranked holder in the latest DJ effects, Dhankar put in 3 years of guidance. For two years after her graduation, she recalled that no notification had been issued for judicial provider vacancies in any nation until Delhi issued its notification. For her first attempt, Dhankar cleared the written examination but could not get through the interview spherical. However, she stayed in that direction and, in the end, cleared all ranges of the DJ examination final held in February this year. Commending the same sort of perseverance to future judicial service aspirants, Dhankar says,

“Consistency is fundamental. Sometimes, you may experience that it may not be a training session. It would be best if you had faith. There is no shortcut to fulfillment; you may want to work hard. Also, staying power. You will be patient. It isn’t tough to lose persistence when there aren’t any notifications and no vacancies popping out. “This is the second year in a row that JGLS has visible its alumni emerging as rank holders within the DJS Exam. Last year, Dev Chaudhary, a first-batch graduate of JGLS, was ranked second in the 2017 edition of the DJs Exam.

The Delhi Judicial Services Examination has three successive degrees of examinations, with all assessment styles: goal, subjective, and interview. The finals for the examination were held in February this year. Six hundred seventy-five out of a total of 12,415 candidates certified for the very last spherical of the 2018 DJs Exam. erect comprised four papers – General Knowledge, Criminal Law, Civil Law-I, and Civil Law-II.

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