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Kelly Autism Program has first pupil graduate WKU with special training degree

by Lisa A. Yeager

A latest WKU graduate made records through turning into the first special training foremost from the Kelly Autism Program. Clay Harville says his experience with unique training gives him a unique ability to relate to his college students. And he’s thankful the Kelly Autism Program gave him the assist he needed to pursue his dream.

Kelly Autism Program has first pupil graduate WKU with special training degree 2

“These M & M’s are going to symbolize giant rocks.”
“That’s what I desired to take place.”
  • Clay says it’s because he is aware of what it’s like sometimes to need matters defined exclusively.
  • “I’ve constantly been fascinated by how well a student thinks, and given that I’ve been down the road of unique schooling, I sense like with the revel in I’ve been via, I can relate to this.”
  • That relatability is what Clay hopes to, at some point, take a right into a study room of his personal.
  • “Just because you’ve got what you have doesn’t imply you have to prevent pursuing your desires. That’s the way I’m trying to make my mark at WKU is to represent other up comers inside the KAP program as well as many different college students with or without autism to reap their desires.”
  • The Kelly Autism Program was founded in 2003, and the college program was carried out in 2006. For more statistics, log onto wku.Edu decrease Kelly autism program.

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