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Bet-the-Career: Tips for keeping executives from turning into collateral harm in high stakes litigation

by Lisa A. Yeager

Small and massive businesses make difficult selections to “wager-the-agency litigation” in prosecuting and defending themselves in high-stakes litigation. However, executives who “bet the career” in mounting protection are much less discussed. These executives are collateral damage inside the messy global of complex litigation – to the person, fighting for one’s career generally method placing all of it on the line in litigation.


Nexsen Pruet recently labored with a corporate government to resolve a peace region dispute. While the dispute was less complicated than claims that rise from securities or highbrow assets disputes, it turned into an emotionally driven dispute that threatened the profession and popularity of the customer. Discovery, in this case, exposed weaknesses for all events, showing that each aspect could be extremely susceptible inside the palms of a jury.

This discovery, in the end, produced the “smoking guns” that pushed the case in the direction of an agreement before trial. However, from the day Nexsen Pruet was hired, we knew a public trial was not his satisfactory hobby. The purchaser said to litigate and wanted to prosecute to shield his popularity and to peer justice succeed in peer justice aim changed into transparency, an out-of-court docket settlement, and the potential to shop his career. If you find your profession in hot water because of high-stakes litigation, you ought to don’t forget those strategies:

Trust. When a character hires a lawyer, especially in excessive profile, high-stakes litigation, the patron places a career in the legal professional’s arms. Litigation brings tough-charging moments requiring aggressive selections. However, there are different situations wherein status inside the history is in the client’s best interest. People are usually too attached to the problem to make key strategic selections. This is when believing in counsel is paramount. A sturdy attorney-patron courting will bear tough litigation because it can be a crew attempt to resolve the dispute efficiently.

Tunnel Vision v. Big Picture. In many pieces of litigation, the dispute is laser-targeted on specific trouble and a finite period. However, an ordeal hardly ever follows a slender blueprint in assessing risks versus rewards in proceeding to trial. Landmines and surprises have a propensity to creep in. In lots of instances, a customer’s choice to settle or testify hinges on unrelated problems that the purchaser ought to not or does now not care to display publicly. A pro litigator manages the litigation and the landmines. In doing that, a litigator must understand that occasions and allegations unrelated to the dispute are significant in betting the customer’s chances at trial.

Team Approach. The company and the government are often closely aligned in high-stakes litigation, and a collaborative defense is in the government’s best interest. But there are instances wherein, even aligned, a few defenses are unique to the individual. It is important that the govt feels confident that their man or woman pursuits are being nicely represented. Hiring an independent recommendation works nicely with the corporation’s suggestion; however, one isn’t afraid to suggest that the executive’s man or woman’s great hobby will greatly serve the government properly.

Quiet Resolution Maybe a Win. Thanks to television, everyone needs their day in the courtroom to show their innocence in a criminal or civil venue. However, television portrayal is usually not actual life now. The fallout from real lifestyles court may be career finishing regardless of the outcome inside the court docket. While having experienced trial recommendations is vital to defend your quality interests, associating suggests that a skilled negotiator will ensure you’re nicely included. In excessive-stakes litigation, a positive jury verdict might not be a victory – despite a win, public scrutiny may additionally leave lasting harm. Quiet resolutions are often run for both the business enterprise and the govt. Government Trial Experience. Even with every attempt at a nonviolent resolution, a few disputes are destined for the courtroom. Very few legal professionals are seasoned trial veterans. Today, most instances are settled out of the courtroom, which means lawyers have much less and less trial revel in. But if you have a dispute where your career is on the road and trial is the best possible choice, you need an ordeal lawyer who has been through the trenches by your facet.

A  legal professional who “has been there” understands the risks, rewards, and relations and is satisfactorily prepared when you are betting your career in high-stakes litigation. And at the back of each successful trial attorney is bench strength that gives a criminal “dream team.” A law company with lawyers in specialized regions of exercise, eDiscovery abilties, public relations experts, and a community of available aid will place their abilties on display while you are making a bet on your career.

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