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Kuchipudi dancer Sravani Tenneti on distance mastering and dance

by Lisa A. Yeager

Dubai: When ladies her age had been playing with dolls or doodling with crayons, Sravani Tenneti was taking faltering steps to examine Bharatanatyam, one of the well-known Indian classical dance bureaucracy.

That was 15 years ago. The 19-year-old has considering that moved on to the Kuchipudi dance shape and has over six hundred performances to her credit with several awards as a sworn statement to her expertise.

The teen, who did her Grade 12 from Sharjah Indian School, is pursuing her Bachelor’s path in Interior Design from Manipal University, Dubai Campus.

Sravani is obvious about what she’d be doing inside the future — combining her passion together with her career. She wants to combination her dance form with interior layout and he or she is exploring approaches to do it.

Sravani supplied her arangetram (debut overall performance as a dancer) about six years returned after having first of all learned Bharatnatyam from her first guru, Giri, in Dubai. She later switched to Kuchipudi, under tutelage from the identical guru.

She went directly to do a certificates course beneath Vendantam Ramalinga Shastry of Kuchipudi Siddhendra Yogi Kalapeetam. Kuchipudi is a village in Andhra Pradesh where this dance form, based on Bharata’s Natyasastra (dance treatise), originated and became popularised by way of Siddhendra Yogi.

Recently, she completed a degree path underneath the guidance of Pasumarti Srinivasa Sarma, lecturer in VS Government Music and Dance College, Rajahmundry in Andhra. “Now I am doing an MA route underneath the steering of Vijaysekhar (who’s a disciple of the legend Padmabhushan Dr Vempati Chinna Satyam) in Hyderabad over Botim,” says Sravani.
Internet dancing

Which brings us to the query: Is distance getting to know feasible in an artwork form consisting of classical dance?

It’s feasible to research on the net, says Sravani. “If one is aware of the basics, it becomes easy to speak,” she says.

The performed artist, who’s humble sufficient to say she has greater to analyze, has executed at maximum Hindu temples in India inclusive of the famend Guruvayoor and Aatukal temples in Kerala; Tirupati, Annavaram and Srisailam temples in Andhra Pradesh and on the Silicon Andhra biennial.

Among the latest massive events in which she done is the Godavari Pushkaram in Andhra Pradesh on the invitation of the kingdom authorities.

Locally, she has carried out at many events performed through associations consisting of Rasamayi, Telugu Sravanthi, Telugu Kala Samiti, Waves, Music India Dubai, Telugu Tarangini and other Tamil and Malayalam associations.

Pursuing an artwork such as Indian classical dance exacts a toll on time and studies. So how did she manipulate both?

“I try to exercise dance for as a minimum two hours every day at the same time as no longer neglecting my studies. I make greater of an attempt on weekends.

Although distance learning offers more people an opportunity to attain higher education, it is not all advantages and benefits. Distance learning has costs, requires compromises and self-motivation is essential for success. However, when you acknowledge and understand these disadvantages, they are easily overcome.

  • Distance learning requires self-motivation. Because distance learning is flexible, you need good organization, planning and work to make it happen. Academic leaders cited in Growing by Degrees, Online Education in the United States, 2006, stated, “Students need more discipline to succeed in online courses.” Though the instructor is not seated in front of you, you still need to complete your assignments on time. Like all other forms of learning, there are deadlines to be met, “fixed-time” exams to be taken and assignments to be completed before the “Drop Box” closes. There are no compromises and you can easily get a zero! Distance learning is best suited for mature motivated learners who cannot afford the time to participate in a traditional classroom.

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