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Maybank series of scholar profession suggestions

by Lisa A. Yeager

LABUAN: Maybank International Labuan (MIL) recently delivered a brand new program for secondary college students, “Exploring Your Career Interest via Four Educational Series,” as a key initiative underneath its Cahaya Kasih employee volunteerism program.

The program is geared toward motivating college students to prepare well for their future careers by allowing them to spend time with outstanding people and professionals who’ve built successful careers in their respective fields.

The four-component series will feature a monthly consultation, the first of which was held last weekend, to lead as much as Maybank Group’s Global CR Day in August.

The first collection featured classes on Architecture and Videography/Photography, which included 60 secondary students from six schools, namely SMK Pantai, SMK Ranch-Ranch, SMK Lajau, SMK Taman Perumahan Bedaun, SM St Anthony, and SM St Anne.


The profession-sharing session’s primary objective is to offer students insights on professional paths and encourage them to develop their creative strengths to gather the vital knowledge, abilties, and mindset to reap their targets.

The studying enjoys are additionally aimed at assisting the students in understanding career options, consequently allowing them to make better decisions about their future careers.

Additionally, the program became geared toward beginning their minds and encouraging them not to forget other non-conventional careers.

“To kick off this new program, we’ve invited a well-known Malaysian architect, Johann Ahmad Nawawi, and a pinnacle videography/photographer from Labuan, Welson Edwine Winchoi, to share about their professions,” said MIL General Manager Khairudin Abdul Rahman.

Johann, one of Malaysia’s top architects, designed the Maybank Women EcoWeavers hostel in Laos. The hostel was stimulated by the prehistoric website of the Plain of Jars in the country.

The Women EcoWeavers program is one of Maybank Foundation’s flagship corporate obligation programs within the place.

Meanwhile, Labuanite Welson has just finished recording his inspiring videography/photography journey based totally on his life story. He began as an element-time interest, but it has now become his full-time job and main source of earnings.

“Through this program, we are hoping that the scholars benefit from the valuable revel of interacting with our expert guests ando being inspired by using their life testimonies.

“It will also assist them in making greater informed choices while deciding on their profession paths in the future or maybe guide them in developing other undiscovered technical or non-technical capabilities that they may need to pursue similarly to their educational qualifications,” Khairudin stated.

He said that a few 44 MIL personnel had pledged dedication to guide the 4-collection educational program byby assisting as facilitators.

“Over the last few years, MIL has been helping academically promising college students from much less privileged families through diverse initiatives, and we were endorsed using their development.

He introduced, “These projects have helped the scholars improve their studies and motivated them to acquire even more knowledge in the coming years.”

At the inaugural session, the audio system also took the opportunity to share their private journey in overcoming limitations to acquire fulfillment in their careers.

Since its inception in 2006, the Maybank Cahaya Kasih program has become a major regional network voluntary program for the Maybank Group. Education is considered one of its essential pillars.

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