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Million Dollar Listing L.A.’s Tracy Tutor Puts Her Home on the Market For $23.9M — See Inside!

by Lisa A. Yeager

Bravo, famous person Tracy Tutor didn’t must appearance ways for her contemporary million-dollar listing. The Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles famous person and Douglas Elliman agent has positioned her seven-bedroom, 10-bath Brentwood home in the marketplace for $23.9 million. The nearly 11,000 rectangular footpad features a current and ethereal design, with masses of herbal light and vivid touches.

“We did the interior’s top to bottom with my dressmaker Kirsten Maltas,” Tutor, the display’s first lady realtor, tells PEOPLE ultimately. “It became an extended method because we went a touch loopy and had to take it a room at a time.” The rooms are a formal dining room with antique Nineteen Seventies Italian chandeliers, a billiard room, and a library, a residing room with French doorways that open onto a veranda emerald-inexperienced lacquered bar, which Tutor says is her favorite area within the home.


“[It’s] so rad and disco,” she says. “I assume all of us need to have a touch amusing with our interiors and, at the least, choose one room that expresses the wild side of your character.” The wild touches in the bar are the exception, although, as Tutor says, she ensured each spot within the residence became “usable and alluring” and fit any fashion. That consists of a -tale circle of relatives room with 20-foot ceilings, an upstairs youngsters’ living room, a gym, a chef’s kitchen with islands and a butler’s pantry, and the main bedroom with his-and-her baths and separate closets.

The features are kept outside, too, in a pool with a “Baja shelf” and spa, as well as a guest house with a living room, bedroom, and fire. Of putting her Stephen Giannetti-designed digs up for sale, Tutor tells PEOPLE it was in real-time for her and her daughters, Scarlett and Juliet, to move on. It’s time for a new chapter for my circle of relatives and me,” says Tutor, who filed for divorce from husband Jason Maltas in February 2018. “We have had loads of laugh instances in this residence. However, I am ready to turn the web page and start sparkling.”And who does she wish will purchase the home? “Whoever can write, take a look at it!”

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