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5 FTII courses get approval from AICTE

by Lisa A. Yeager

Under the newly created Applied Arts and Crafts category, the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has approved 5 Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Pune. A listing of Institutions and accepted Courses posted through AICTE on Saturday, May 11, under its newly-constituted class about Institutes providing publications in applied arts, crafts, and layout, includes FTII and all its five one-year postgraduate certificate courses.


Name of the publications

Of the 5 FTII guides that have acquired AICTE approval, four are in the Television wing (Direction, Electronic Cinematography, Video Editing, and Sound Recording & TV Engineering) and one in the Film wing (Feature Film Screenplay Writing).


Awards and recognition to the publications

“This is an ancient moment for FTII to have obtained AICTE acclaim for all 5 PG Certificate publications. This makes FTII the primary movie faculty in India to acquire this reputation.

In recent years, FTII’s TV courses have been in the limelight, triumphing numerous National awards or even worldwide honors. The AICTE approval lends greater value to the TV courses, making them as appealing as the film wing specializations. Screenwriters from FTII are already making their mark in the entertainment enterprise. With the AICTE approval getting into effect from 2019-20, college students getting into TV publications and Feature Film Screenplay Writing paths this year stand to benefit. This is a critical watershed event because the Master’s degree equivalence was granted to FTII’s six PG Diploma movie wing publications using the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) in January 2017. With this, all 11 FTII courses now stand authorized through either AIU or AICTE.”, said Brijendra Pal Singh, Chairman of the FTII Governing Council.

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