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Every job important in the education of our children

by Lisa A. Yeager

The final days of the college year are marked with graduations, cease-of-yr events, hugs goodbye, and wishes for an incredible summer. There is a remedy for an extended smash for instructors, while at the same time, maybe a year or two about departing college students. Ingo back, there may frequently be a small gift of thanks from the scholars — or their dad and mom — to the instructor, thanking them for a high-quality 12 months. But there are those who now and again fall through the cracks when we show our appreciation but do no less in helping our youngsters via the 12 months.


For folks who run the places of work at the schools, the administrative assistants, their interaction with our children isn’t any less important, as they often are liable for supporting usher them to magnificence, offering an encouraging word inside the morning, and assisting the teachers’ efforts in presenting a great training. For people who clean and maintain the schools, their care, whether or not it’s miles converting out trash bags or converting out lights, guarantees our children are given first-class environments wherein to examine. To the safety guards, we respect your assistance in imparting a secure environment for our youngsters to explore and play.

To individuals who prepare and serve breakfast and lunch to our youngsters, your work is, once in a while, the handiest great meal a few youngsters acquire in an afternoon. We thank you for bringing our kids to high school and home correctly every day, for our bus drivers, who start painting far too early in the morning and give up work in the evening, And to the infinite others who often cross not noted for their work, their contributions.

As we’ve said frequently, offering training to our kids is one of the most critical matters we as a society can provide and aid. There are more people concerned with that procedure than academics and administrators. Educating our kids takes a crew — a committed team — to tug off that activity. Thankfully, for the children in our community, we have incredible people on our team.

During an economic recession, when employment opportunities are minimal and layoffs are abundant, adults naturally seek opportunities to make themselves more marketable to employers. Whether individuals need to acquire new skills to enter an entirely different career field or want to fine-tune skills they already possess to keep their existing jobs, education is often the solution. However, unemployed or working adults with families and busy lives may have difficulties fitting college courses into their hectic schedules. Recession May Drive More Adult Students to Take Online Classes by Steve Kolowich is an article that discusses the reasons many adult students will choose online learning in the current economy. In this article, I will summarize Kolowich’s article. I will also analyze what I think has created this enrollment trend: cost, convenience, and completion.

Article Summary

Adults often choose times of economic hardship to go to school. Currently, more adults are selecting two-year colleges and private for-profit colleges than traditional four-year universities for their educational needs. Many of these students will take online courses. The 2008 Sloan Survey of Online Learning anticipated that all types of colleges would experience enrollment in enrollment, but non-traditional schools could see the greatest jumps in enrollment. Allen, one of the report’s authors, attributes this to non-traditional schools offering online classes.

Online classes offer many conveniences that traditional college courses do not. Students can take online classes at times that work for them. They do not have to leave their homes to go to school. They are still able to care for the needs of their families. Individuals can save on gas by not having to drive to campuses.

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