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Birmingham LGBT coaching row: How did it spread?

by Lisa A. Yeager

How did all of it start?

The No Outsiders mission became the brainchild of Andrew Moffat, assistant head instructor at Parkfield Community School in Birmingham. Mr. Moffat created it to train kids approximately the Equality Act 2010 and British values. He additionally wanted scholars to “be happy with who they’re even as recognizing and celebrating difference and variety.” The mission used books approximately a dog that doesn’t feel like it suits in, male penguins that raise a chick together, and a boy who likes to get dressed up like a mermaid.

Birmingham LGBT coaching row: How did it spread? 2

“It’s approximately teaching young children that we’re special in reception and 12 months one, that’s as a way as this work goes,” he said. “We’re just speaking approximately being exceptional and being pals.” In 2014, the task turned piloted at his college inside the Alum Rock area of the town and was quickly adopted via colleges throughout u. S .. Three years later, Mr. Moffat turned into made an MBE for services to equality and variety in schooling.

When did the controversy begin to spread?

In January this yr a discern whose toddler attends Parkfield school raised a petition, claiming the teaching contradicted the Islamic faith. “Children at this age don’t even recognize if they’re coming or going, not to mention understanding what sexual orientation they may emerge as,” Mariam Ahmed said. While the writing in the Koran is open to interpretation, it consists of passages that recommend homosexuality is towards the need of Allah.

Within days, some mothers and fathers started out protesting outside the school at a domestic time. Meetings passed off between Mr. Moffat and involved parents, but a few have become “personal and aggressive,” the college stated in an assertion. Several scholars have been additionally saved at domestic.

How did the college reply to the developing anger?

The No Outsiders lessons have been paused to allow instructors to “re-engage with our dad and mom,” Mr. Moffat stated. Four other schools in the city – Leigh Primary School, Alston Primary School, Marlborough Junior and Infants School, and Wyndcliff Primary School – halted their classes. The protests but did no longer subside. They commenced being held daily.

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Mr. Moffat, who is gay, instructed the BBC he has been accused of selling “non-public beliefs” and had obtained “nasty emails” and threats, which includes one which warned he “would not ultimate lengthy”. Protests unfold to other schools in Birmingham, together with Anderton Park Primary School, in Balsall Heath. Its headteacher Sarah Hewitt-Clarkson instructed the National Association of Head Teachers’ convention protesters had waved banners with slogans which include “Adam and Eve, no longer Adam and Steve” and “We have a say in what they analyze.”

“The lead protesters have no children at my college,” she disclosed.

Who is heading the demonstrations?

Amir Ahmed has co-ordinated protests outside seven Birmingham primary faculties and used a loudspeaker to deal with mother and father and other campaigners at Parkfield.

Although he does not have children at any of the affected schools, he said he changed into encouraged with his nonsecular beliefs and worries approximately what youngsters in his community had been taught.
“We are a traditional community – we have a conventional circle of relatives values, and morally, we do not take delivery of homosexuality as a legitimate sexual courting to have,” he told the BBC.

“We do no longer believe in homosexuality; however, that does not make us homophobic.”

He informed BBC Newsnight the classes were “now not about homosexual, lesbian rights and equality.” Mr. Ahmed brought: “This is solely approximately proselytizing homosexual way of lifestyles to children.”

When asked if kids can be recruited to become gay, he said: “Well, you may situation them to accept. This has been an ordinary way of lifestyle. And it makes the youngsters more promiscuous as they grow older.”

The protests outside Anderton Park had been led with the aid of belongings developer Shakeel Afsar. He got worried after his sister’s son introduced home a e-book, approximately a boy who desires to dress up as a girl.

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