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How to Land a Job in the Healthcare Industry

by Lisa A. Yeager

Working in the healthcare industry is both lucrative and meaningful. It’s a competitive field, though, making it difficult to land a job.

That doesn’t mean you should lose hope. You can take several meaningful steps to set yourself apart and make yourself a more desirable candidate.

To help you through this process, here’s everything you should know about getting a job in the healthcare field.

Helpful College Majors

Most careers in the healthcare industry require a college degree. The type of degree you need will depend on the job you want. For the majority of healthcare jobs, degrees in science or business are best.

Consider a degree in biology, chemistry, or exercise science to ensure you take the necessary prerequisites if you have to go to graduate school.

If you’re looking for an administrative job in the healthcare field, consider getting a business or an English degree.

Preferred Graduate School Degrees

If you want to be a doctor or nurse, you will have to attend medical school or nursing school. Both of these options require several years of education following your undergraduate degree.

If you’re looking for other options, a master’s degree in public health or speech pathology can open other doors for you. At the same time, a master’s in business can help you get a job in healthcare administration.

After completing your school, you’ll get the proper accreditation for these jobs. If you have questions about obtaining a nursing license, visit the nursing license lawyer for more info.

Desired Certifications in the Healthcare Industry

Obtaining certifications can get you one step closer to being a licensed healthcare professional. Some healthcare careers require it, while others prefer it.

Radiation therapists and doctors must be certified and licensed in most states. Often, you must get a different certification depending on the state you live in.

Even if your career doesn’t require it, certificates can help set you apart from the competition.

Possible Career Paths in the Healthcare Industry

There are so many different career paths in the healthcare industry. The industry trends are promising, and most careers have high ceilings. Since healthcare will always be necessary, it’s also a field with strong job security.

You can be a doctor, nurse, dentist, medical records clerk, medical receptionist, nutritionist, athletic trainer, or pharmacist. The career paths are diverse and plentiful!

Now You Know How to Set Yourself Apart to Land That Job

By following these steps, you can improve your chances of getting a job in the healthcare industry. The specific career will affect the length of education you’ll be required to receive.

Some careers require a bachelor’s, while others require attending medical school. Whichever job you choose, it’s likely to be purposeful and highly satisfying.

If you want to learn more about careers, check out the rest of our blog. We cover many other articles related to jobs and education that you’ll love!

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