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Matrics interested in reading abroad in 2020 have to put together now

by Lisa A. Yeager

JOBURG – Grade 12 inexperienced persons considering studying overseas need to look at their alternatives now – according to Rebecca Pretorius from Crimson Education, you need to give yourself an 18-month head begin. A study performed by the Institute of International Education discovered that 90 percent of employers accept that students’ national accreditation has better traits and competencies, which include progressed communication skills, flexibility, move-cultural consciousness, and independence.

So if you are searching for the option of studying abroad, Rebecca Pretorius, a manager for Crimson Education, stated, “When it involves making use of to have a look at within the US or UK, you ought to deliver your utility an 18-month lead time preferably. She added that the software process takes quite a little time. It can add pressure on first-year students as they want to make choices based on career desires and analyze for their checks. “While programs for international universities open in October, you want to plan properly in advance to ensure that you’ve been given all the areas of your utility included, not simply lecturers. The earlier you start making ready, the better.”


If you have not begun the technique yet, Pretorius supplied a roadmap for admissions inside the US and UK for 2020:

May to September 2019: Research the software technique and familiarise yourself with the colleges you want to apply to. Look out for information on lodging, financing, and deadline necessities. Between June and December 2019: Begin your guidance for the desired admission and academic aptitude checks (SAT) within the US and the UK. The admission tests take place in October, July, And December 2019. Prepare for October and November.

Applications. You need a reference letter from instructors or counselors. Give yourself enough time to write, edit, and proofread your packages and essays before you ship them. If you meet the shortlist, make your choice as soon as you can. May, November 2019 to January 2020: Prepare for your video interviews. These manifest around January and March; remarks from your preferred universities should start around this time.

May 2020 to July 2020: If usual, study for feasible scholarships and pupil loan options as analyzing overseas will likely be more steeply priced, and follow as soon as you can for a scholar visa. July 2020 to August 2020: Book your flight, set, up a global debit/credit score,, and photocopy all your documents before you depart. Crimson could be a website hosting an occasion for parents and beginners considering using the pinnacle universities overseas.

The event will occur on 30 May at 6.30 pm at Protea Hotel Balalaika, Maude Street, Sandown, Sandton.

Despite the ever-growing numbers of students headed for study abroad, many skip the opportunity due to misunderstandings about study abroad programs. Make sure you have your facts right, and don’t miss out.

Language majors can benefit from study-abroad programs.

Irrespective of your major, students generally don’t find it difficult to fit a study abroad program to their academic requirements. Limiting one’s choice of destinations to countries like England, Australia, and Ireland can eliminate the language barrier as a problem. Even countries where English may not be the native language have universities where teaching is done in English.

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