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Re-Entering the Workforce During the Pandemic: What You Need to Know

by Lisa A. Yeager

With the effects of the pandemic in the job market and your own skills, you may worry about re-entering the workforce. What if your work gap during this season makes employers look away? What if you can’t adjust to the new way of doing things?

In such an uncertain time, wanting to re-enter the workforce means adapting to new safety requirements and acquiring a different set of skills.

This article will tell you all you need to know to make your entry into the workforce sell smoothly.

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Be Honest

In an interview or talking with a prospective employer, be honest about what has happened throughout the pandemic. They may be wondering why you have an employment gap or why you don’t seem to be as skilled as you need to be.

The pandemic has forced everyone to take a hiatus, so explaining that position openly is a good starting point.

Don’t Forget the Basics.

Despite all the changes, the job hiring process will still implement the usual application necessities. This means you will have to pay attention to your CV or resume, making sure they highlight the right skills.

Before you go into an interview, take the time to practice with someone, and receive feedback.

Gain New Skills Online

Even with everything becoming online, gaining new skills is possible. You can enroll in some classes that can provide you with online certificates, making you more competitive than others. Make sure to choose a course that will relate to your ideal job.

Taking the initiative to keep learning or training during this season will show employers that you work hard and be serious about improving yourself. This will only work to your advantage.

Access Help

Don’t be afraid to access some help from the community. Some support centers work to provide you with knowledge about unemployment and re-entering the workforce.

Places like the Legal Aid Society and the Center for Community Alternatives can potentially help you access much-needed information and support.

Re-Learn Your Rights

As a worker in the middle of a pandemic, keep in mind that your workplace rights still apply. There may even be more rules and regulations around your rights, so make sure to update your knowledge on this.

When you are looking for work, remember that you don’t have to get involved in situations where you feel unsafe, no matter how much you need the job. The Labor Employment Program has passed some employment laws to prevent firms from taking advantage of your position.

Narrow Your Job Search

This may not sound like a good idea, but the best way to receive a job is sometimes to narrow your focus in certain areas. This will help you tweak your resume accordingly and will help you grow more knowledgeable about the sort of people they look for.

It is also even more important during the pandemic because some businesses have decided they would stop hiring. Instead of trying to find a needle in the haystack in some of the industries experiencing hardships, you can shoot your shot with the businesses that are booming at the moment.

Places like Walmart, Domino’s, or Walgreens may be suitable places to start. They are likely to have weathered the pandemic with even greater sales.

Try to Stay Positive

There’s no point in lying about it: job hunting in this season will be tough. You may have the most amazing skills, but the job market cannot accommodate the huge supply of people looking for work.

Staying positive is going to be instrumental in building up your resilience as you try re-entering the workforce. Know that you may spend extended periods of time searching, but this does not reflect how skilled or qualified you are.

Make sure to take some time off now and then so that you can refresh your mind and prevent yourself from constantly worrying about the state of the economy and your own bills.

Manage Your Expectations

You may not land the job of your dreams. This is true in normal seasons, and it’s even more true during the pandemic. As harsh as this may sound, this is a desperate time, and some job markets simply aren’t hiring.

When you start calling people up and sending out resumes, take the time to reflect on your expectations, and make sure that you are not asking too much. While you do benefit from keeping your hopes up, trying to shoot for a great position, such as an executive role in an industry that is barely hiring, will only leave you with disappointment.

Even more so, not managing your expectations can lead you to apply to too many areas at once, which will prevent you from honing your applications.

Reach Out to the People You Know

The hidden job market is something you will want to tap into during the pandemic. Unadvertised jobs mean fewer applicants, so you are more likely to stand out. Try to reach out to the people you know and ask them if they are aware of any openings in their company.

Don’t feel ashamed to do this – this is a difficult time, and your friends or family will probably understand.

Re-Entering the Workforce Will Be Difficult

Overall, it’s going to be a long road if you’re thinking of re-entering the workforce, but know that this does not mean you are unqualified. It is simply an uncertain time, and businesses are doing the best they can to stay alive.

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