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Pharmacy Times Continuing Education™ to Host Directions in Pharmacy® Conference in New Jersey

by Lisa A. Yeager

This one-day pharmacy convention will offer a unique platform for training pharmacists to review ultra-modern scientific information while exploring first-rate practices and management strategies to help them beautify their overall performance and ultimately enhance affected person care. During this conference consultation, PTCE will also be joined by Laura Cranston, RPh, leader executive officer of the Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA), who will offer permitted education on the steps that pharmacists can take to improve affected person care in addition to taking a look at the medical and economic impact on patients and the health care device.


The Directions in Pharmacy® spring conferences are held in primary cities across the United States, allowing pharmacists to participate in 10 interactive classes. The meetings cover the maximum recent and applicable facts on ailment-country control, scientific data, and remedy suggestions in addition to fine practices for patient care for a wide array of sickness states, inclusive of opioid abuse-deterrent formulations, migraine management, metabolic and cardiovascular disorders, new influenza treatment hints, persistent idiopathic constipation, and melancholy. Accredited via the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), every meeting allows attendees to earn up to nine. Five perseverings with schooling credit, including regulation credit.

This convention series is supported through instructional offers from Amgen; Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc. And Lilly USA, LLC; Daiichi Sankyo, Inc.; Genentech; Lilly; Novartis Pharmaceutical Corporation; Novo Nordisk; Otsuka and Lundbeck; Portola Pharmaceuticals; Sanofi Pasteur the US; Sanofi US and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals; and the Shire, now a part of Takeda. For greater records and to check in for the conference, click here.

About Pharmacy Times Continuing Education™

Pharmacy Times Continuing Education™ (PTCE) is a frontrunner in persevering with training for retail, fitness gadgets, managed care, and strong point pharmacists. PTCE is accredited via the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as an issuer of continuing pharmacy training (CPE). PTC’s print, online, and live CPE activities are designed to help improve pharmacists’ know-how, competence, and capabilities. Hence, they are better organized to provide the best pharmacy care to the patients they serve and the physicians they help as part of a multidisciplinary remedy and control team. To research more about the instructional activities sponsored with the aid of PTCE.

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