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Rescuing Our Children: Alex Newman’s Speaking Tour Roars From Coast to Coast

by Lisa A. Yeager

Boys in ladies’ bathrooms, and vice versa; “drag queens” in demonic getup studying storybooks to pre-schoolers and simple faculty youngsters; obligatory LGBTQ indoctrination; brainwashing in global warming hysteria; programming in global citizenship; mandatory Islamic studies and prayers to Allah; hatred of America, America’s Founding Fathers, and traditional American heroes. Increasingly, that is the fact of what passes for “education” in the authority’s school device across America.Rescuing Our Children: Alex Newman’s Speaking Tour Roars From Coast to Coast 2

Our kingdom’s educational decline has been on a disastrous path for many years. Parents and conservative activists have again and again demanded reforms, so “modern” politicians and educators have promised reform — but have instead expanded their programs of perversion, subversion, and indoctrination. The nation-run excessive colleges regularly flip out thousands and thousands of graduates who’re functionally illiterate and innumerate, however, who are reliably zealous crusaders for socialism. Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar are their heroes. It does not take a graduate degree in soothsaying to predict that we cease as an unfastened republic is speedy approaching, except this is reversed.

Author Alex Newman, contributing editor and foreign correspondent for The New American, has launched into a heroic effort to tackle this existential danger to faith, family, and freedom. The multi-talented, multi-lingual Mr. Newman has started on a national, coast-to-coast “Rescuing Our Children” speaking excursion so that it will be attaining more than 40 towns over the following 3 months.

Newman warns dad and mom that if they desire to defend their youngsters against intellectual dumbing down in addition to the rampant cultural-moral-religious subversion, then sending them to public faculties is not a choice. “Right now,” he says, “the government schools are systematically indoctrinating and dumbing down youngsters, turning them towards their mother and father, in opposition to their families, towards their church buildings, in opposition to our us of a, against the founding fathers of our country, towards our Constitution and our freedoms, and our Republic will now not live to tell the tale to a long way into the destiny if we permit this to keep.”

Newman, one of this country’s optimal investigative journalists, has been particularly worried about exposing the United Nations and its global indoctrination arm UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Thanks in large element to his exposés in The New American of former UNESCO boss Irina Bokova, a corrupt respectable of the mass-murdering Bulgarian Communist Party, Bokova became avoided from being promoted to UN secretary-popular. His publicity of UNESCO’s corruption and subversion also helped set the dial for the Trump administration’s choice to cease U.S. Club in, and a financial assist for, UNESCO.

Readers of The New American are already conscious that Newman becomes the primary writer no longer simplest for our “Deep State” Special Report However, for the “Rescuing Our Children” Special Report, this is now causing an extraordinary awakening throughout this country.

“There is a silent conflict raging right now upon which the future of America and her liberties relies upon — actually,” he wrote in that Special Report. “At its core, the conflict revolves around who might be answerable for children and their upbringing… The give-up intention goes far past training and touches each thing of life.” The war for our children is the most critical political struggle dealing with America. Without confronting the truth of this crisis instantly, Christians and conservatives will lose each unmarried warfare in the decades in advance, he warns.

“We understand that calling for a mass exodus of children from government colleges are still taken into consideration a thorough proposal through a few,” notes Newman. “But as we show actually in this Special Report, it’s time for radical solutions to this existential disaster. Our us of a, our church buildings, our freedoms, and our households are all on the line right here. We cannot forget about this to any extent further. We should take urgent action now to rescue our youngsters — in conjunction with our churches and our nation.”

Along with the overdue, splendid educator Sam Blumenfeld, Newman co-authored the important 2015 book Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children. You can find The New American’s overview of the ebook right here.

Of necessity, Alex Newman’s message is alarming. How should it’s otherwise, considering the headlong rush in the direction of the infernal abyss that our authorities faculty machine is leading our entire nation into? However, his message is likewise hopeful and encouraging. “In reality, there is lots of super information, and reason for the party,” he wrote, in a piece of writing co-authored with Dr. Duke Pesta within the “rescuing Our Children” Special Report. “The property information is that it has in no way been easier or extra value-powerful for Americans to take back their energy and their kids. With a developing array of options to be had, ranging from homeschooling substances and determine-led cooperatives to independent non-public, on-line, and Christian faculties to healthy every need, surely each discern can do it.”

Alex Newman is a web teacher at Freedom Project Academy, the permitted online school led by way of Professor Pesta that offers a classical education for Kindergarten via High School. “We are spending more money and committing extra resources to public education than at any time in our records,” Dr. Pesta says. “We have extra educrats, federal bureaucrats, technocrats, businessmen, educational foundations, 501C3 watchdogs, and corporate sponsors centered on revamping schooling than ever earlier than. And yet our children continue to be ignorant approximately our history, are a long way much less literate as readers, and grow to be extra math deficient with every year that passes.”

“The actual problem,” Dr. Pesta notes, “is that actual education is some distance down the list of priorities for our authorities co-opted public colleges. The best option is to embrace opportunity sorts of schooling that empower college students with real know-how and the capabilities they need to succeed in lifestyles. Time to leave parenting to the dad and mom, psychology to the experts, and beliefs to the colleges, and recommit to teaching a rigorous route of ABCs and 123s.”

“Reform of the authorities’ indoctrination facilities is not a choice,” Dr. Pesta and Mr. Newman write of their article, “Get Them Out (of Public Schools)!” “Conservative companies and Christian activists have squandered infinite hundreds of thousands of greenbacks on “’ reform’ efforts with nothing to show for it. At exceptional, all they did change into put off the inevitable by using possibly some years.”

They assert: “Government schools today are the fruit of a poison tree — they can’t be reformed; they should be abandoned. Reforming a bad concept is a bad idea. Ultimately, separation of college and nation is needed. And not only is it possible, but it’s also far higher on every front because the state proved inside the 18th and nineteenth centuries.

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