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Summer Internship with the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development

by Lisa A. Yeager

By Cari Shimkus

The Earth Institute seeks an intern to work with the Office of Academic and Research Programs, who will ordinarily assist the Undergraduate Program in Sustainable Development (UPSD). The program, which includes a major and a unique concentration, teaches college students to address the fundamental issue of moving towards a trajectory of sustainability, a good way to allow future generations to pursue development similarly in human well-being without causing irreparable damage to the planet.

The intern will divide their time between software administration for UPSD and outreach and advertising for the Earth Institute’s graduate applications. Support will also be sought for the Earth Institute’s professional improvement and alums sports. The best candidate could have experience in communications, event coordination, and running in a noticeably expert surrounding numerous initiatives.


Responsibilities will include, however, not be restricted to updating and generating web content, contributing to social media strategy, making plans and staffing, drafting and modifying articles/profiles, updating program substances, handling big-touch databases, and cold-calling for outreach for particular packages.

Skills Required:

Applicants must be extraordinarily inspired, detail-orientated, and possess robust written and verbal communication skills.
Experience with social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, MailChimp (optional), and MS Office equipment such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, is needed. The best candidate will be personable, proactive, and capable of working in a fast-paced environment while ultimately being prepared and specific. A sturdy interest in the environment and sustainable development are desired; however, they are not required now.

Type of Student Favored:

Graduate or undergraduate growing junior or senior. Students enrolled in or planning to claim the sustainable improvement most important/special awareness aren’t eligible to use it.


$16/hour, 15-25 hours/week. Position to start as soon as feasible, with the option to retain part-time via the autumn.

To Apply:

Applicants need to send a resume and cover letter stating their interest and qualifications to Cari Shimkus at cshimkus@ei.Columbia.Edu. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis until May 30th. Please include “Summer Internship with UPSD” inside the subject line of the email.

Only contemporary students of Columbia University and Barnard College are eligible to use. They declared that college students within the sustainable development program aren’t eligible to apply.

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