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Unusual Career Advice From A Celebrity Stylist Turned Sustainability Advocate

by Lisa A. Yeager

Laura Jones is a most unusual hit celebrity stylist. For many years, she has focused on contemporary developments and who’s wearing what nowadays.

Then, as if hit through a lightning bolt, she woke up to the impact of the style enterprise on the surroundings when she met with a sustainable fashion dressmaker who modified her middle.

It made her re-examine the paintings she had been doing and what she knew. As a result, in 2018, she began a brand new magazine targeted at sustainable fashion, referred to as Frontlash.

When I interviewed Jones at the Earth Day Network 2019 gala these days, we talked about the roots of the fashion enterprise’s warfare to be sustainable and the improvements that can evolve from and will continue to come from that journey. You can read about that on my other Forbes blog here.


Since Jones dramatically pivoted her career to align her work with her new values, I asked her how she did it and what professional advice she has for other women.

Here are professional recommendations from our communication:


Ask numerous questions: Jones explained that the key to her retaining her sanity and launching the magazine was that she requested loads of questions. “Ask plenty of questions, greater than you suspect appropriate. And, you ought to ask those questions of yourself…of your family….Of each person that you recognize or that is aware of someone inside the field you want to go into.” These answers will assist in opening your eyes to the truth of the arena you observed you want to get into so that you are better prepared.”

Understand the tiers of your pivot: Getting the one’s solutions will assist you in recognizing how to make the shift. Jones said it could be in ranges, whether or not you shift completely as she did or more regularly by maintaining your day process or other current paintings portfolio.

Be inclined to see your new world with open eyes: “You’ll find out that things are special in the global you’re obsessed with and in your present-day world,” Jones stated, so be willing to see those differences and make picks as clean a knowledge as viable at every level.

“An inquiring, curious mind is the fundamental basis in the direction of a successful pivot of any type,” Jones insisted, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s also the key to a richer life.

Get your geese in a row earlier than you jump: Jones diagnosed that she had the sources and situation to take some months off of her ordinary paintings so that it would pivot and discover this new mag assignment and that not all of us can do this. You can work as much as that factor or leverage the sources. You do have to do it at least incrementally till you may shift.

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Be inclined to question your approaches: Jones realized how terrible style is for the environment. Her preference to live her values made her question each preference she made and the paintings she had been doing at that point. It was a reawakening that made her new adventure possible, so she may want to create “a vision for what I suppose fashion can be.”

Find a way to leverage your abilities: At first, Jones thought she did not have the skillset to address the sustainability troubles in the style industry and that she needed to go back to high school for a technology degree. Then, she realized she should use her storytelling talents and deep contacts inside the industry to distinguish herself in every other way.

“All talent sets are worthy,” Jones defined, “because while discussing environmentalism… it’s anyone…each folk can find a manner to leverage our skill set, our network, our voice, our friends, our circle of relatives, but small or big it could be, to contribute to growing trade.”

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