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Writing as an addiction

by Lisa A. Yeager

I even have the fear that if I don’t write, my blood will freeze, so I asked around and studied approximately the experience of other writers.

Addiction may be described as the ongoing use of a temper-changing substance or behavior no matter adverse consequences. Alternatively, it can be described as a neurological impairment leading to such behaviors”.

Can the “destructive results” of writing be categorized with to the ones of substance abuse? Of path, there are negative results of writing which include the pressure of frame and mind from prolonged writing, and lack of organisation whilst he shuts himself in to put in writing. But are those negative effects?

Strangely, writing is not an easy element to do: Long, solitary hours – an awful lot of time staring at the blank page, waiting, perhaps praying to The Muse or to whomever for a proposal, and seeking out suitable phrases that appear to play Tom and Jerry inside the head.

Worse, writing doesn’t seem to make lots feel economical because handiest a totally small percentage of writers make money properly at it. In this example, the addiction prospers in defiance of not unusual sense.

Below is what they say about their addiction: The first using Caroline Peckham, bestselling myth writer, is real fun however proper. She is hooked on writing as are Stephen King, Maxim Uzoatu and Mike Awoyinfa.

Caroline Peckham: As I start penning this I’m actually ravenous. But earlier than breakfast I desired to get this blog post up as it’s been whizzing round my mind earlier than I went to sleep final night and within the few seconds after I woke up these days (ok I had a lie-in don’t choose me!)

So sure, I am enthusiastic about writing. I realize this due to the fact (simply) it comes before food and is consequently now at least as essential in my list of things to do these days. (Alright I wouldn’t die if I stopped writing however….My soul may? Too a long way? Probably…)

Before I started writing my e-book collection, I’d by no means found whatever to write down that I turned into so obsessed about. This, I think (and wish), is a great factor. At least in phrases of drive and resolution. I will do anything it takes to finish this series and get it out to the world! Because there’s a burning need interior me to do so.

Call it what you will; an obsession, a calling, the onset of some sort of psychotic episode…however, whatever it can be, I just can’t ignore it!

Today is one of the first days that the UK has had heat weather in actually months. And I’ve got multiple days off (fortunate me!) however you understand what I’m doing? Sitting in my flat writing, and I intend to do so all day lengthy. To be truthful I live in a top floor flat with a massive sash window to my left and the solar is shining thru so I’m technically sunbathing proper?

Writing is addictive in its many paperwork. I only started a blog some weeks in the past, and now I discover myself thinking about what to blog and am continuously checking in on what my fellow bloggers are writing!

Anyway – I admit it, I’m a writing addict. There! I stated it!

Maxim Uzoatu: He is a heat and joyful young guy with a crowd of pals and lovers, however, locked somewhere in a nook of man mind, is the photo of Maxim, the Poet as a person who lives with the spirits. I am speaking about Maxim Uzoatu, journalist and poet. His words are deep and nonsecular.

“There are some demons inside me that have to get out, or I die!”

Well, Maxim is hooked on writing!

Mike Awoyinfa: He is a celebrated journalist, biographer, and columnist.

Mike is closely addicted to writing. He says proudly: “Of route I am addicted to writing. It is what I stay for. It is what continues me alive. It’s my opium. It is my religion. It my oxygen! It keeps me happy like a drug addict but in my case, an addition to phrases.”

Graham Greene: “Writing is a shape of therapy; once in a while I surprise how all those who do no longer write, compose, or paint can manipulate to escape the insanity, the melancholia, the panic fear, that is inherent in a human circumstance.”

Gloria Steinem: “Writing is the simplest element that, once I do it, I don’t feel I ought to be doing something else.”

My Experience: Writing keeps my blood circulating, and preventing it’ll make blood freeze in my veins. Outside work hours, when I have time to myself, I am both writing mentally or pounding away on my pc.

No count number how tedious it has to be, writing is for me a possibility for relaxation. When I tell folks who realize my behavior I am happening vacation, they ask, what book is coming?

I got this from a Malinda, a contributor to the problem at the Internet. Interesting! She wrote: “I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. Never touched drugs. Not a gambler. My addiction? Writing.

I’m a word nerd! Well, to different writers, sure I’m ordinary. But if you don’t write out of the preference instead of the need to do so, you might call me a nerd.

I may not be the nice. Not yet a New York Times Best Seller, but I could write all day”.

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